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Transaction Log Viewer

The Transaction Log Viewer integrates with the SQL Server Management Studio query window.

To enable the viewer check the menu option Internals Viewer – Display Transaction Log.


Note The Transaction Log Viewer uses checkpoints to monitor the transaction log. It should only be used on non-production SQL Servers as the checkpoints may cause performance issues.

When the Transaction Log Viewer is enabled an extra Transaction Log tab will be displayed in the Query Results pane.


The Transaction Log tab shows the following information:
  • LSN – Log Sequence Number
  • Operation – The transaction log operation
  • Context – The context of the operation
  • Page – The page the operation applied to. This can be clicked on the open the page in the Page Viewer.
  • Slot – The slot the operation applied to. This can be clicked on to open the page/slot in the Page Viewer
  • Allocation Unit
  • Description – Additional information

Green text on the Transaction Log Viewer indicates the operation is related to allocation

Gray text indicates the operation is related to a system object

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